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All of you who have been in the store over the winter has likely noticed that

my limp has gotten worse, to the point of needing a cane lately.

In October I was diagnosed with servere osteo-arthritis in my right hip and

scheduled for surgery, unfortunately the soonest I could get the hip replacement scheduled

was for March 28th! I will be out of the store the week of March 28th, I do have a very good customer, LEW KOSICH who will be taking care of the place and will be in the store during my absence. I hope to be back after

a couple weeks on a limited basis, Lew will be here with me as I will still not be very mobile 

until the end of April.

I do very much appreciate the patience of all my customers during this recovery time and sincerely

appologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause. I have lived a tough life and this is my

third hip replacement surgery so I am paying for past indiscretions now! LOL

I will still be available by phone beginning March 30th after being discharged and 

allowed to go home for recovery.

I am still fully dedicated to the store and hope to keep it as successful as it has been the last four years right

up to the day I retire. And I do hope I can find a dedicated owner at that time to take over and keep 

the business alive. The store is a valuable resource to this community as I thank

all of Montana and Wyoming for the support you have shown me.


The Camera Cottage is the Montana Dealer for DJI, AUTEL ROBOTICS, and UDI drones.
We will be a STOCKING Dealer with a full line of parts and accessories in stock as well. All drones we stock will feature built-in cameras with up to 4K resolution and prices start at only $199.99! External cameras like GoPro's will not be needed to get full video from your flight. No hidden costs to incur!
These drone are in stock NOW! More models and parts coming in all the time. Stop in and look!


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703 Grand Avenue                Billings, MT  59101          (406) 671-6640

Billings went totally without a camera store of any kind for several years, except for the big box store retailers that have as much photographic knowledge as the local house fly. At Carters Camera Cottage you get to deal with an actual professional photographer with 40 years of photographic knowledge! The store opened on June 8, 2013 and is ready to buy, sell, trade, rent and even repair some photographic gear. We also have a WIDE selection of accessories that you will not find anywhere else in Billings!


I have made the decision to move my store into Billings for the convenience of my customer base as well as to expand the stores inventory and services!


Direct Email is:              [email protected] 

Check out our rental rates


now listed on the Equipment page!


BABY ITS COLD OUTSIDE!!! (Did I not take this info down for the summer? Oh well, it IS Montana! )

Cold weather (-32 here the other night) presents a myriad of problems for photographers. One of the biggest concerns is the abundance of condensation that forms on cold photographic gear when brought into a warm house after being outside shooting for awhile. Do NOT be fooled! This heavy condensation can wreak havoc with the electronics inside your camera as well as your lens. Some suggest placing your gear inside a ziplock bag for protection until it warms up, this actually works so long as the bag is WELL sealed and you have pressed out as much of the cold air as possible before sealing it. I personally use Tundra cases which have atmospheric sealing and all my gear will fit inside, well protected. Just be sure to not open the case or the bag for at least an hour so as to give the gear the time it needs to properly acclimate before being directly exposed to the interiors warm air.

The solution I use MOST of the time, as I am usually going to be going back out the next day and don't want to repeat the warm-up process daily, is to leave my gear out in the vehicle and only bring it my batteries and memory cards. That way the gear is ready for shooting any time I need it. Warm batteries are your friend, keep a spare in your pocket and change them out every hour or so to assure your gear has the power it needs to work properly.