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Quotes Came down from Canada on a trip to Yellowstone and found Carter's Camera Cottage on the net. Stopped in and couldn't believe the selection of tripods and heads for a small start up shop (not to mention all the other gear he has to offer)! Carter is extremely knowledgeable and very accommodating well worth an 20 drive from Billings Mt. I highly recommend the Camera Cottage. Thanks again Carter for your great service, we will see you again! Quotes
Darrin Autet

Quotes I purchased a used tripod system from Carter: Bogen 3021 legs and a Bogen 3055 ballhead. Scale of 1-10, a borderline 11 for quality and condition. All at a very fair price. Quotes
James Larson
Excellent tripod system

Quotes I could not believe the selection of great tripods in this little shop. I found exactly what I needed at a price that I couldn't match even on Ebay. Carter really KNOWS tripods and will talk your ear off about them, if you let him. I will be back! Quotes
Scott W.
Great tripod selection!

Quotes I love stopping in Carter's Camera Cottage. I always buy something. Whether it is for a project, important shoot, or adding an item to my vintage camera collection. He always test the equipment he acquires and is upfront with you. His prices for vintage and new equipment are remarkably fair and he never takes advantage of anyone. His wealth of knowledge is rooted in decades of experience as a photographer anas a technician of photographic equipment. In other words "he knows his stuff". Quotes
Harold Bjork
Photography by Harold Bjork, LLC

Quotes Many thanks for the fantastic response and unbelievably fast service you gave me for a Nikon lens purchase! A simple inquiry to all on the UHH website, MTShooter (Carter) replied back quickly that he had the lens I wanted, that is was basically mint, and gave me a very reasonable price. Shipment was made the very minute I paid, and sent 2nd day insured! Gorgeous lens that was as advertised. Many thanks again!!! I will be back! Quotes
Russ Winch
Very Satisfied Customer

Quotes Very helpful, ireicdnbly responsive, friendly, and competent in restoring my WordPress website. You were just what I needed. I am pleased to have made your acquaintance and look forward to working with you again. Quotes
Very helpful, ireicd

Quotes A quick follow up. After using the Nest NT- 530H all I can say is I have absolutely no issues. Well made very nice quality. It is tight new but follow the instructions and brake it in. It takes fifteen minutes. I have been shooting birds, wildlife, and two days at a air show. Love it and would buy it again. Quotes
Richard McGibbon

Quotes I ordered Nest NT- 530H very late on the 26th. I went out of town for three days the next day and when I returned home I was going to check my order status. but before I did I had to get the dog out for a run. Coming back I checked our mail. It was waiting for me. no need to check order status! Looks very nice and its mounted up so I hope to get some trial time tomorrow! Thank you for very good service. Quotes
Richard Mcgibbon

Quotes I purchased the Nest Carbon Fiber Gimbal Head and I finally got a chance to use it with my New Sigma 150-600 f4-5.6 Sports lens. The gimbal makes it effortless to handle this lens on my tripod. I love the way it is fluid dampened. I must also say the service at the Camera Cottage is excellent. Thanks again for a great product and your advice! Quotes
Terry Longenecker
Very satisbied customer

Quotes I have bought a camera, a tripod, a bag, and other gear from Carter at the Camera Cottage. Great customer service. Great equipment. I'm glad that the Camera Cottage is now in Billings. Carter has a wealth of knowledge on photography, so I go there and pick his brain. Quotes
Edwin Rodriguez