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Quotes On the Ugly Hedgehog web site, Carter, (aka MTShooter), seemed to be the guy with the right answers. So, when in Montana I stopped to meet him. I heard customers ask about everything from film developing chemicals to details about current cameras and lenses. He always seemed to have the answer or a suggestion and was always pleased to share his vast knowledge. He obviously loves what he is doing. And, he is locked into customer service. After he demonstrated the NEST Gimbal head, we both knew I wasn't leaving without one, but my old tripod wasn't suitable and the budget was in trouble. He sold me a second hand, rock solid Manfrotto at a very reasonable price. He understood my needs and knew exactly how to fill them. If you get a chance to stop by his "Camera Cottage", you won't believe how much equipment he has in there. But, if you don't plan on being near Billings soon, then I'd highly recommend calling or emailing him about any photographic needs. Quotes
Tom Hudson
An appreciative customer, St. Louis

Quotes I am a new comer to this hobby and I am currently working my way up to novice status. When I jumped into this endeavor I purchase a tripod in the $200.00 price range and while it is good for inside studio use it does not perform in an industrial environment were this is vibration in the concrete floors. I researched tripods for several months decided I was going to need to spend around $1,200.00 to $2,000.00 for good tripod. It was hard to find out very much on the Nest NT-404CT but considering the reputation of Camera Cottage and it's owner on the Ugly Hedge Hog forum I took the chance and ordered it. I tempered my expectations and waited. The tripod was delivered within 2 days to my Indiana home from Montana. When I unpacked it all I could say was "Oh My God What Have I Done?"! This thing is a monster. Flawless quality. No more vibration issues. A lot of value for under $700.00 from a great dealer. Thank you Neal Quotes
Neal D. Bardens
Satisfied Customer

Quotes If you need cameras/equipment, and/or advice, Carter is the man! He is extremely knowledgeable about cameras and gear. I have bought several items from him. He also sold a large lens for me in about a month. You can't go wrong dealing with the man. John Delinger Quotes
John Delinger

Quotes I've been using the new Nest Gimbal for two weeks now. WOW, love it. It's everything you said it would be. SMOOTH. Very happy camper. Quotes
David Chmielewski
Satisfied Customer

Quotes I ordered a lens from Carter on a Monday and it was here by Wednesday! In perfect condition. The packing was superb !!! He takes care of his customers and very knowledgeable. I will buy all my camera equipment at Camera Cottage. Quotes
Kerry Singleton

Quotes Had questions concerning a back up camera. We belong to same photography web site. Called him to ask questions. Very thorough in his answers. He also made me feel at ease. Almost like we were having a cup of coffee. Directed me where I could go to get what I needed for my budget. I followed his advise. I am glad I did! Very happy and am now looking forward to doing more business directly with him. I definitely recommend anyone to check out this store. You'll be please and happy. Thanks Ben Peterman One happy Mississippi fellow Quotes
Ben Peterman

Quotes I purchased a Bogen 3216 monopod and a used Tokina 19-35 mm lens from Carter. They are both in excellent condition. I am so glad that we now have a real camera shop run by an expert photographer in our area! Quotes
Nancy Streets
Saving up for my next visit!!!