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Nest NT-530H Gimbal, ARCTIC Edition

$275.00 $369.00

Due to the thickening of the damping lube used in these heads I often get requests for a lighter lube to be used. This offer is for the exact same gimbal head I sell, but with the low temp lube replacement already done. Keep in mind that when used in hot climates this head will likely exhibit no dampening action at all, but will work smoother in very cold climates.

This is in my opinion, the absolute best buy in a Gimbal head available ANYWHERE!

The lightweight carbon fiber neck makes for a total weight of only 2.4 pounds! Combine that with the sturctural rigidity and vibration damping capability of carbon fiber and you have a VERY stable platform capable of supporting the biggest of lenses. Fits any Pro tripod with the standard 3/8" mounting stud.

 The newest version of this head, available as of 6-15-15, has a wider jaw to allow for "drop-in" of generic Arca plates, as well as the traditional Nest high security style "Slide-in" plates. (One plate included)

 Your head will also come with a very nice padded carrying case! ONLY 1 LEFT!!!!

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