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Nest NT-363AT Aluminum Tripod


The Nest NT-363CT Carbon Fiber Tripod has been my biggest seller (see its specs), and now I have available the same tripod in aluminum for the photographer looking for extreme stability at a lower cost. The tripod does weigh 7 1/4 pounds so its definitely for stable use, not for back packing.

This 55# load rated tripod comes with an interchangable top mount system (Systematic) that allows for the use of a bowl mount, flat mount, or slip type center column. One top mount system is included with the legs and you may choose which mount you would like! (Center column adds 1 pound to the overall weight.) 57" tall to mount, 73" to the top of the center column.

Tripod will ship with standard flat plate mounted unless an option is specified.

NOTE: Order the Nest NT-530H Carbon Fiber Gimbal Head at the same time and the shipping on the head will be refunded, and both the tripod and head will ship together in the same box.

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