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The Nest Carbon Fiber tripod legs are made of an 8 ply carbon fiber tube design offering optimum load capacity and vibration damping with minimal weight.

NT-36B               $39.95

The Nest Pro tripods feature an interchangeable top plate system which includes a flat plate for Gimbal head mounting, or an optional 75mm/100mm combo bowl top adapter to allow for the use of professional bowl type head mounts. There are also two center columns available, a slip type column and a geared type column. I will not be stocking these at this time but they will be available as special order items if you want one.



In my opinion, the very best buy in carbon fiber tripods ANYWHERE!

"Hongkong Nest Technology CO.,LTD is an international company registered in Hong Kong .The company is specializing in gimbal head, video head ,professional camera tripods ,bags and accessories .There are more than 10 experienced engineers working in R&D design and develop practical photo support equipment for professional photographers. The company’s factory –ZHONGSHAN NEST PHOTOGRAPHIC EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD is located in Zhongshan city of Guangdong province,which covers 18,000 square meters of area and 12,000 square meters of building space.There are more than 100 employees in the company."

   I have decided to stock a couple of the heavier Pro line of Carbon fiber tripods from Nest to go along with my Nest NT-530H-US Carbon Fiber Gimbal Heads. Quantities will be limited as my funds are limited for inventory purchases, but stocks will increase over time and I feel this tripod line offers some wonderfully unique opportunities at totally un-matchable prices!

These tripods come in 3 and 4 section leg models with load rating of 55 pounds, I will only be stocking the NT-363CT and NT-364CT versions full time. (As well as the 44# Lightweight NT-6324CTM Traveler model)

The "36" refers to the diameter of the upper leg tubes in mm's, and the third digit refers to the number of leg sections. The build quality of these Pro line tripods is truly of professional quality. The replaceable top mounting plates enable users to simply buy a second mount plate, leave it attached to a second head, and literally have two tripod systems in one. I have a Nest Gimbal mounted on one plate, and my ARCA converted Manfrotto ball head mounted on another. All I have to do is pop out the one combo and pop in the other to completely change the purpose of the tripod legs. This is by far the most versatile set of legs on the market as this change of heads takes only 10 seconds!

The retractable stainless steel spike feet insure you will have proper footing in any terrain. The enormous height of the 4 section tripods give you even more versatility if shooting from a down-sloping hillside with one leg fully extended downhill and the other two adjusted to your shooting height from the uphill position.

The low level capability of the legs combined with no interference from a center column allows you to literally set your camera "on the ground" for wonderful low angle shooting capability.

You will find the overall versatility of these wonderful tripods un-matched in the industry, AND get it all at a price no one else can compete with!